Thursday, December 18, 2008

dream a little dream

I saw this picture on someone else's blog. I immediately fell in love with the image and the opportunities that the real thing provides. I wish this room was mine. I would appreciate it like it should be.
When you think about it, your bedroom is one of the most important places in your life. You sleep there; most of us do indeed eat there; we spend a lot of time in there (well teenagers do). We cry at times into the pillow. We dream in there more than any other place. Well, except maybe math class.
We should treat it respectfully. And treating a room respectfully means putting thought and interest into its decor. So, next time you go out and start picking paint samples or what have you, instead of just saying this will do think about all that you do in there and let yourself be inspired to design the room of your dreams.
This picture makes me regret the comforter I picked out, etc. I wish I could go back and design it all over again.

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