Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A new day.

In a couple of days a new semester will start for me.

I'm taking:

Women's Rhetoric: This class looks amazingly interesting. We'll dissect and research literary pieces written by women that have affected the progress of women. zzzzzzoooo fun.

World Literature: Eh, not so excited about this one. We'll just be studying pieces from around the world.

The Film: We'll be analyzing the deep meanings and aestetic appeals of different films. FUN.

American Literature SINCE 1860: self explanatory.

The American Novel from 1920-the present: This class looks awesome. We're going to dissect changes in the way people wrote novels. For example, the progressive use of profanity, the gradual openess of topics written about, etc. We're going to be reading really interesting pieces like Lolita, American Psycho, To the Lighthouse.

I am ready.

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