Saturday, February 14, 2009


Okay, so today has been one of those bittersweet ones when you spend all of your time being dilligent with and focused on your school work and much needed studying, and as you do so, you miss out on doing something really memorable (no pun intended) with, lets say, you're friends. You're happy that you feel more prepared for school, but you're sad, because you feel like you haven't left your mark on anything. You had just been sitting inside brewing in cerebral experiences that you can't translate into physical actions.
I feel restless.
I'm taking a much desired break from U.S. History. My brain definitely deserves a little spice right now.
Too much of this:

Not enough of something like this:

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  1. Your friends will always be around : ) But I know how you feel, sometimes you feel responsibility overshadows spotaneity and experience.