Monday, May 11, 2009

sweet darlin' come hold me

The night is very cold and I feel like a bag of bones. My toes feel like ice. It's such a change from the 80 degree weather that hung around me yesterday... oi vay.
I went out with my dad tonight. We saw the soloist and then got coffees at the bookstore. I always but new books when I'm there. This time it's a supposedly disturbing memoir called driving with dead people. The main character drives a hearse for her high school job. It seemed like it had my name stamped all over it. So I grabbed it and haven't put it down since. Anyway, the soloist was disturbing and depressing and it seemed like the film maker was more interested in making a point on his political agenda than actually crafting a theatrical tale of two friends. Alas, this is the world today. Still, the film hit a heart string and it is the best of what is available right now.

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