Saturday, August 1, 2009

Alright, Kaitlyn wants me to post 7 interesting things about myself...So, here it goes...

1. My parents named me Kimberly Theresa after my Grandmother Theresa. She was actually named after St. Theresa who is the patron saint of all small things (aka the little flower saint). Isn't that cool? I plan to pass on the name in some way to one of my daughters to keep it going.
2. When I was waiting on tables this summer, I was always so tempted to lie to the customers about my life. When they would inquire about my life, asking things like, "where ya' from" I always wanted to say something like South Africa instead of boring old williamsburg. I just wanted to mix things up every once in awhile since I knew i'd never see those people again.
3. I really want the purple comforter Bella had in the movie twilight...0.o
4. I want to be buried in a good pair of flats.
5. I want a cat named bob dylan and a dog named romeo.
6. I lovelovelove riding through old neighborhoods. For some reason, unknown to me, I am obsessed with real estate. Whenever, I'm at WaWas I grab those magazines with pictured homes for sale. And I just drool over all the different types of houses there are. I can't explain it. Looking at houses makes everything fit together inside me.
7. I can't live without wendy's, dr.pepper, and the chinese food restaurant called Hong Kong around the corner from my house. chicken sandwichs, lo mein, and pork fried rice make my heart skip a beat<3 Seriously, you have no idea how often I hit those places up. I'm going to say between the two, maybe 3x a week.

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