Monday, August 10, 2009

I am, indeed, a nerd

As I said in my last post, I've mostly been loafing around since I quit my job. I've just been stretching out on my comfortable matress and watching movies instantly on netflix while eating almond joys and drinking lemonade all day. It's a good life. I finished watching all the seasons of the wonderful show Weeds and now I'm watching my way though the incredibly addictive seasons of Law and Order:SVU. Gosh... that show never ceases to catch my attention. All the characters are so exquisitely multi-dimensional. Even the five second appearance of the medical examiner intrigues me. But my favorite character is the kick ass forensic psychologist Dr. Haung! O M G. He always offers so much insight. It's like he can read the perp or vicitims mind just by looking at a crime scene. I used to want to do his job, but then I really thought about it and I'd take fiction over reality any day. The real thing is so horrifying.


  1. where'd you watch all of them? I want to catch up on ones I've missed.

  2. I like the little girl from Atonement as well. It is a credit to her acting that I wanted to pull out my hair because I didn't like her character for ruining everything. She is a great actress.

  3. I watch all the seasons on netflix, but you have to have a subscription to do that. So, if you don't, I'd suggest project free tv. You can google it. It's an archive of free tv shows.