Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The night starts here.

I had a great night. No, I had a great day! It started at, ugh, 7:30 am for my American Lit. class and then consisted of my drooling from boredom over this ridiculously dense, unbearably complicated, and fucking confusing article about the origins of rhetoric in Athens and the different systems through which Plato and Aristotle accessed them. It was all "if a+b" shit. But then afterwards I went to my Rhetoric class and it was amazing. It was SO surprising. My teacher just brought the subject to life in the most colorful and enchanting ways. She made everything so interesting. All I want to do now is homework for that class. But seeing as I have a finite amount, I had to figure out something else to do after I finished it. And I decided to go hang out with friends. And it was so great! Liz and Jenny and I just layed on Jenny's huge bean bag in her room and laughed about stupid stuff. There was no pressure. It was just chill and I love that. And then after that Corey and Tyler and I just had the most riveting and absorbing heart to heart for like three hours. We just sat and talked about EVERYTHING. I mean all the way from politics to personal tragedies. It was one of those conversations. We were all so in it. It was great. And if I wasn't so tired I'd create an elaborate portrait of words to illustrate the events. But I have class at 8 am tomorrow. So, I'm going to opt for sleep instead. I just had to put that out there.

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