Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gardens of the Night

This movie is absolutely riveting, horrifying, powerful, and frighteningly honest. It's about a little girl who is kidnapped by two men and then forced into child prostitution. According to the movie maker, it happens all of the time in the United States. And that's the scary part. The girl grew up with these kidnappers who led her to believe that her parents had died. For over a decade she had no clue what was really going on. She only learned about her parents when she was 18. But by then, she felt so different from them that she couldn't return home. She spent her nights in hotel rooms with greasy old men selling her body.
This movie will leave you thinking about all the sick people in the world for hours. It'll make you cry and run and hug your mom and dad.
This is a powerful film that teaches people what's happening when we're not looking closely.


  1. I just watched this tonight with my mom. My God, it is amazing. I cried so hard when she went back home. It's terrible to think that this happens all the time, I can't believe some people are that sick.

  2. I know, right? Oh my gosh, the new york times gave it an amazing and very accurate review. They said this movie requires recovery time, because it'll effect you so much emotionally. They also said it skips the heart strings and goes straight to your gut. I definitely think that's true. This movie is so powerful.