Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hard Hearted by Amy Millan

I have a hard hearted island

Where I live alone

I've seen my love grow big as a mountain

And scatter like ashes and bones

These things I have forgotten

Memory I've left behind

Something was always drifting away

So I'll stay
It may be the night it might be the morning

Never again will I weep

I've got the wind blowing beside me

And the water to sing me to sleep

That sky can do my crying

Seasons can have my goodbyes

The city can keep all its history

And leave me

I have been beat, but I'm not defeated

Not bitter not bound and not meek

When disappointed is a slow burning fire

Let it drown under the sound of my feet


  1. Did you write this. If so this really good!

  2. no, sorry! I wish I could be so aware of my feelings and decisions, but alas... i'm just a clumsy writer full of angst.