Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So just let go

Today was moderately life changing. This is why:

For the past few weeks, I have been stressing aimlessly over the direction my life is taking. I have been flipping out, because I'm so uncertain about everything. Is this class right for me? Is this person good for me? Should I really try to do this? All I've been thinking about is making right choices. I have been drowning in the stress of it all.

Well, today I waited on this old couple from Portland, Oregon. They're advocates for homeless people. We talked a lot about everything. And they told me don't stress so much about the uncertainty, because there is no right or wrong answer to any life decision. They told me the uncertainty will never meet it's resolution and for good reason. They said each choice we make, while consequential, won't ruin us or make us. It will simply inform us about what we do and don't like.


  1. I should meet them. They'll make me understand

  2. yeah, they're pretty cool folks. They even gave me their buisness card to keep in touch.