Thursday, June 11, 2009

The daydreams

I am a dreamer. I day dream about as much as I breathe. It's what gets me by. I day dream about my life mostly. I imagine myself in situations i'd like to be in and with people I'd like to see. I elaborate the scene with fixtures to ease my pain. This goes on for hours. Like I said, I day dream as much as I breathe.
Is this a problem? I think it is becoming one. There are two main reasons. The first is simple. I forget to live. Instead of using the daydreams as a floorplan for my goals, I just use them as an alternate reality that I run to in times of need. Instead of being a lucid dreamer, and cultivating the actions that meet the thoughts, I just enjoy vicariously. And thus, miss out on the real thing.

The second reason is not so simple. The daydreams are so much better than reality. So in comparison, reality often sucks for me. It disappoints me. I need to cut back on the dreaming and start amping up the living. I need to let go of the freedom to reconstruct everything and repaint it all to meet my fancy. Otherwise, reality will continue to act as a burden. Eh?

So, here, I am. ready to put the fantasies aside. ready to stand up and take action. I just don't know what to do first.


  1. Beautiful photographs. I agree my daydreams are SO much better than reality. Imaginative thinkers are blessed and cursed, while we can invent and escape into imaginary lives we often find our own drastically lacking in all the things we hope for. The solution: make those daydreams a reality, no matter how impractical they are.