Monday, June 8, 2009


~ I am going to buy three tickets for the band of horses concert
~I am going to work out with my momma
~I am going to search for a vintage umbrella. not one of those contraption ones, where the length pops out when you push a button. I'm taking old umbrellas that kinda feel like canes when they're closed. I think I want a solid red one, but that might change when I get to the store and see the possible selections.
~ I want to get a pair of wellies for when it rains and I have to walk all around campus.
~I have a dr.'s appointment
~ I don't have work
~ My hair is curlier than usual
~ I am fed up with hiding my scars. I want to just breathe free without having to hide or cover my past troubles. I used to be a cutter. Get over it and let me be.
~ I want to read a good book, but can't seem to pick one. I can never decide. I'm so picky when it comes to books. I always love old ones though. I'm talking pre- 1960. I don't like the books that come out now a days. The writers try too hard and while the plots amuse me the prose disappoints me.
~ I want to dress up, but can't find anything good to wear.
~I want to go thrifting.
~ I want to do arts and crafts.

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