Thursday, November 12, 2009

When you live in VA, you don't have snow days... you have rain days

Yes, no school for me or for anyone living within a 20 mile radius. The rain is pouring so fiercely and thoroughly throughout my city that classes have been cancelled. Fun Fun Fun. I plan to spend the day with my two new friends Cheli and Lizzie.

Last night we all had a sleepover. We made a fort of blankets on her living room floor and then watched Mad Men via her lap top until like 1am. We all fell asleep together cuddled up underneath cozy blankets, listening to the sounds of water dripping into a pot from her leaky roof. ah, the joys of young adulthood.

Today we are going to make soup. yummm:)


  1. heloooo ♥ i stumbled on your lovely stories a while ago & they're so good! i wish i could write like thaaaat.

    & i live in britain, so we basically have rain days a LOT ;)

  2. awww that sleepover sounds like too much fun.
    it's been far too long since i've had a night like that with friends.

    enjoy your rainy day! :D

  3. that sounds fun.

    it's raining hear too, like the world is going to flood