Friday, September 4, 2009

busy bee on amphetamines

Hola amigos. As you can tell from the title of this post, I have been ridiculously busy. And as such, I have missed out on the simple pleasures of blogging and talking to my best friends on the phone (sorry kait!). And at this moment I am feeling rushed seeing as I only have twenty more minutes to surf ze web and blog, before i have to go to my bio lab.

Well, as I've posted before, I want to become more active this year. I want to make new friends and do stuff. Last year, all I did was homework, hangout with my roommate, homework, and hangout with my roommate... which was nice and all, but it could've been better.

So far, I've tried out for club soccer. I went to the informational meeting and got all these handouts and met a lot of new people that seem really nice. Practice starts next week, yikes! I'm not really nervous about conditioning, because I already run three 1/2 miles at the gym everyday and lift weights. What I'm nervous about is working with the ball. The only experience I have with soccer is one season of JV. And I wa son the bench that whole time! I think it'll work out though for the best, because I'm going to work really hard and do everything the coach tells me. That should be good enough, right? Anyway, I have to act as a ball girl tonight for the real girl's soccer team.

Besides that, I applied for Fall Formal Greek Rush week. Oh my goodness so nerve racking. Each day is full of meets and greets, but you only get to progress with it throughout the week if you're invited back. So, lets say some sororities invite me back on Tuesday and then change their mind. I won't be able to go back on wednesday. If no one bids on me, I don't join a sorority. It's all up to them. I hope they like me. My mom and I are going shopping for some new shit, that way I'll have some cute dresses. One of my greek friends said it's important to look and act memorable at these things. If you don't stand out, they won't remember you and thus will not invite you back. zo scary. But I'm not too worried, because even if I don't make it, I still have great friends ( even if not very many) to spend my time with.

There are so many more things I have to say about these two topics and a bunch more to bring up, but alas I have no time to do it at this moment. And therefore, will write back when I do.

Adios amigos.


  1. That's awesome. new friends are everywhere...borrow a pencil from someone in class, maybe? : ) good luck.