Sunday, September 20, 2009

My name's Danni and i'd like a big blue.

Last night was rather enjoyable. Alcohol was involved of course (it always is with me). My friend Michelle and I started drinking in the early evening and then went to a beach themed party at ten. We were so drunk by the time we got there that we just acted silly the whole time. For example, we decided to change our names. For the whole night I introduced myself as Danni (with an I of course) and Michelle introduced herself as cruella (yeah, like 101 dalmations). We drank like 5 mixed drinks called Big Blue (named after our school's mascot).

It was really nice. Michelle is very nice, and smart, and funny. We just randomly met one day at a housing meeting and hit it off so well. I literally said, "You seem really cool. We should be friends." And that's exactly what happened.

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