Sunday, September 6, 2009

There is nothing quite like college football.

Last night I went to my school's first football game in basically 60 years. Tailgaters were everywhere. And the smell of bbq and pride created the perfect ambiance. My school is huge and therefore our campus is huge, but that didn't matter the campus was still completely covered with tailgaters and blue shirted people with face paint and confetti. Then when we got to the stadium the most exciting things started to ahppen. Well, first of all, I must add that tickets were sold out. So there was not an empty seat anywhere. Then two guys jumped from an airplane and parachutted down to the field all the while doing flips and spins and other cool things. I posted some pictures of it. When the kickoff came, canons went off (the area surrounding my campus is all about some military bases, hard core Navy shit). The game ended with fireworks and the spirit of a win. A good time was had by all.


  1. i'm so jealous--we don't have a team.

  2. Wow the first game seems to have been a HUGE event. I'm not surprised though because ODU is really into their sports. I'm glad you got to go! Oh and I just read your last post-I'm so proud of you for going out for soccer. I think you are going to be great at it. Oh and about the sorority "meet and greet" I have a feeling every sorority on campus will be clamoring to have you!