Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Welcome to Woodstock

I have met a wonderful guy who I really like and who just happens to like me back. It all started with a cigarette. I was at this woodstock party off campus where you dress like a hippie, smoke pot, and drink cheap beer all night. The house was really trippy. They had a huge big screen tv that played footage of the real woodstock all night and they had music from the 60s just flooding the air. The ambiance was perfect. And of course there was some pong. Well, since I am indeed addicted to smoking, I had to step outside to smoke. And there he was. Smoking himself. We started talking and then stayed there talking for like two hours. We talked about everything. Life. Love. Depression. Religion. Politics. Drugs. It was rather magical.
The party was eventually busted by the cops, so, we ran away together with our friend Isabelle. We all went back to her house to drink some more. When all of a sudden I see two of my "friends" walk out with handles (bottle so big they need handles, just in case you don't know) and start walkign around campus. SO STUPID. cops are everywhere. I go to school in the middle of a rather metropolitan city where crime occurs, quite often to say the least. So, yeah, cops... are everywhere. And they're just walking around drunk and oblivious. Anyway, I chase after them to tell them to stop when all of a sudden cops jump out of the bushes and yell at us to stop. I swear to god, my heart skipped a beat in that moment. My stomache dropped and all I could think about was being arrested after doing a breathilizer. Well, as these thoughts race through my mind the boys throw the handles over a fence and one of them starts running from the cops. yes, he fucking ran and left me and theother boy in his dust. I thought I was going to either cry or pee my pants. The cops ran toward us and demanded the boys name, which I gave, hoping it would get me out of trouble. But they still wouldn't let me go. I started to beg a little and they yelled at me to stop talking, but finally after much yelling at me and giving the other boy a citation they let us go. I wasn't in trouble thank God. But I found out later that the boy who ran was eventually found, tackled, and arrested. yikes.

Anyway, I called miles right away and he met me in the middle within seconds. He wrapped his arms around me as I shook. He even picked a flower off a tree to make me feel better. I was grateful.

Since that night, miles and I have hung out non stop. He's kind of amazing. He doesn't care that my room looks like a disaster site littered with books and paper scraps. He doesn't care that I'm always hungry. And he makes me feel beautiful. Sometimes we just lay in my bed, silently, listening to the lyrics of good music. It's the best feeling.

I am very excited to see where this goes.


  1. I'm excited for you.
    The party sounds amazing, and the boy sounds amazing too. Goodness, I hope everything works out for the both of you
    You deserve to be in love.

  2. This post warms my heart...lovely feeling!
    All the best*