Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"That's why her hair's so big...It's full of secrets."

I just now realized (like a week later) that a few people have given me one of those blog awards. So, er, cheers to some random facts about moi.

1. When I was little and I couldn't sleep I'd make both my parents come in to my room and sing me to sleep. But instea dof the typical lullabyes most kids got, my parents would sing "Under the board walk" to me. lolz. They just randomly picked it one night and I fell in love. I insisted on it every time after that. My dad would scratch my back while he and my mom just laughed and sang. Those are honestly some of my best childhood memories. I am the third of four children. So, to have attention like that from both mom and dad is a big deal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WXIom2IT1M&feature=related

2. I love birds and trees. If ever I get a tatoo, I promise you, it will pertain to either a bird or a tree. I don't know why I love those symbols so much. I just know that every time I see a picture of a bird or a beautiful oak tree, I feel safe and complete.

3. I love it when people use "mother fucking" as an adjective... 0.o

4. I am a smoker.

5. I'd like to go to Hong Kong one day and eat spring rolls. Then I'd like to go to Russia and where super tight black pants with a striped turtle neck. I'd wear dark red lip stick and drink whisky all day.

6. I like it when people are good at accepting compliments. For once I'd like someone to say, "why, thank you" instea dof "ohmygosh, no, way, I look so fat."

7. I'm not good at being around mean people. my skins not so tuff.

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  1. I'm a smoker too!
    I use motherfucker as an adjective
    birds are my favorite(: