Monday, September 21, 2009


So, that guy I wrote about... the one I smoked and talked with for hours apparently had sex with his ex-girlfriend this weekend and magically fell back in love with her. ugh.

What a downer, eh? Well, I can't say I'm that hurt since we only hung out for like two weeks (grant it we were talking and making otu the whole time), but I can say I'm extremely disappointed.

I really thought he was going to be someone special. And mayte's comment about me deserving love made me so excited, because I do deserve a good boyfriend I can fall in love with.

It's just so hard to find someone when you're all dark and twisty like me. Although, I will admit that this year I've become much less dark and twisty and have been a lot nicer to people as opposed to last year's cynicism and grouchiness.

Idk. we shall see. i'm moving on and still dreaming. one day some glorious man will prove me wrong about my distaste for male gender.

1 comment:

  1. oh, I'm sorry
    he was probz a secret douche anyways.
    a large majority of guys are.