Sunday, September 27, 2009

work, the real thing

So, the other day I attempted to post something about my new job. But all that came up was the title of the post. ew, 15 minutes of good writing down the drain.

oh well... I guess? Anyway, I'll attempt to recreate it.

And it's probably better this way, because last night was the best anecodte to summarize my new job.

Basically, I work at this cool ass hookah lounge run by college kids like me. We work from 4 in the afternoon until 4am (ew), putting hookah together, bringing people new coals to keep their shit lit. And we serve middle eastern food to hungry mouths while everyone sits around on couches and cushions. This is what hookah is about in case you don't know:

Well, every Saturday night we have a DJ and belly dancers. And everyone- waitresses included- dance around to middle eastern music all night. It's so much fun. No one sits when the music is on. We all just move methodically to the music and clap. Sometimes we all hold hands and do the debkah... wich is:

The men hop around on one foot, leaning forward and then arching back as they clap their hands or slap their knee. The girls move their hips in a strong twist keeping their arms in the air and let their hands do the dancing up top. Atleast, that's what they taught me at Kanzaman.

Anyway, it's tons of fun. And it makes me daydream about faraway places across the ocean.


  1. your job sounds like oodles of fun. and yes, I just used the word oodles. My maturity level just dropped down like three points

    You made my day with your comment(: I would never in my life do shrooms, they just scare me too much. Weed and anything that I know where it came from is good for me. I'll take your advice.